NettCity, Blue Battery and Leavo win Get In The Ring Final in Rotterdam

Last Thursday over 1000 visitors were part of the biggest Get in the Ring Dutch National Final yet! We are incredibly proud that the 3 winners Blue Battery, Laevo and NettCity will represent the Netherlands during the Regional Finals in London early 2016. They are now one step closer to the Global Final in Medellin, Colombia on March 15, 2016. […]

Stevige discussie Corporate Incubation tijdens DIA meetup @Border_Sessions

Afgelopen donderdag 12/11/2015 organiseerde DIA tijdens technologiefestival BorderSession in Den Haag een discussie sessie met de prikkelende titel ‘Startup Anything; Start, Scale or Hype?’ met als focus de groeiende belangstelling van corporates voor startups. Met zo’n 50 deelnemende bezoekers – variërend van startende ondernemer, overheden, incubators, accelerators en corporates – was er een heel ecosysteem […]

DARE seminar: ‘Knowledge triangle between Education, Research and Entrepreneurship’

Suppose that we needed to plea for more funding for entrepreneurship education, how would we pitch the (assumed) benefits of these endeavours for economic prosperity? In other words, what are the effects of our efforts to promote entrepreneurship through education programs? Key questions that were addressed during the 8th DARE research seminar in Utrecht, co-organized with Utrecht School of Economics […]

Hier moet je bij zijn: How To Get There summit 2015

Onder de patronage van StartupDelta organiseren ECE en Platform Digital Manufacturing dit super event waarbij 1.000 deelnemers verwacht worden. De summit beoogd de samenwerking tussen corporate Nederland, startups en innovatie hubs te bevorderen. Parallel aan het summit programma strijden 250 startups om de 6 plaatsen die beschikbaar zijn in de nationale Get in The Ring […]

Enjoy your lunch between all those sessions ‪#‎bsf15‬

Day one lunch

Enjoy your lunch between all those sessions #bsf15 Tag yourself!

Posted by Border Sessions on woensdag 11 november 2015

Technology Festival BorderSessions The Hague in full swing! Did n’t have time today? Join us tomorrow for sessions on Corporates, Incubators and Start-ups…


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