How you can Win the € 3.500 Taiwan Explorer Award 2017

If you’re an entrepreneur or manager of a company in the Netherlands seeking to innovate and/or expand internationally, this is a great opportunity for you! Participate at Taiwan Business Day 2017 – TBD17: 14/09/2017 in Utrecht – where you leave your business card in the ‘lucky draw box’ and at the end of TBD17 event, you’ll […]

TGN’s Taiwan Business Day 2016 Attracts High Level Attendance

TGN organised a successful Taiwan Business Day in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht which was attended by over 125 people from The Netherlands and Taiwan. Businessmen, innovators and government officials liaised to enhance opportunities for entrepreneurs and innovation between the Netherlands and Taiwan. This year Taiwan Business Day was honored with the participation of a large […]

Taiwan Explorer Award 2016

Maak kans op een volledig verzorgde twee business explorer weken in Taiwan t.w.v. 3.500 EURO! Ben jij ondernemer en/of manager van een bedrijf in Nederland? Ben je bezig met innovatie en internationale expansie? Denk dan aan de mogelijkheden die Taiwan je bedrijf te bieden heeft op het vlak van technologie, innovatie en schaalbaarheid. Tevens is […]


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