Why an abundant incubator and accelerator system in Netherlands?

The Dutch Incubation Association (DIA) is starting a research partnership with Social Innovation Monitor with the goal of mapping and investigating the Dutch ecosystem of incubators and accelerators. The partnership will produce the first ever comprehensive report of incubators and accelerators in the Netherlands, documenting their presence and their activities.

The ecosystem of incubators and accelerators has been steadily growing in recent years across the Netherlands. Nevertheless, there is still work to be done to understand how Dutch incubators and accelerators work, their focuses, and business models. To this end, the DIA has launched a research partnership with Social Innovation Monitor to create the first comprehensive report of incubation and acceleration activities in the Netherlands.

The Social Innovation Monitor (SIM) is a team of researchers and professors of several universities and international research centres, including Erasmus University Rotterdam and Vrije University Amsterdam. In recent years, the SIM team has created reports of incubators and accelerators across several European countries, including France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK.

The research in the Netherlands will be supervised by Dr. Fabrizio Core, Assistant Professor of Finance at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, who acted as Vice-Director of Research for the past reports of SIM on incubators and accelerators across Europe. To gather the data, the SIM team, in collaboration with the DIA, will circulate a questionnaire among Dutch-based incubators and accelerators, including DIA members. The goal of the questionnaire is to understand business models, services offered, and funding activities of incubators and accelerators.

What’s in it for us – practitioners at incubation and acceleration programs?

After collecting and analysing the data, SIM will create a comprehensive analysis on where incubators and accelerators are located, as well as how they operate, and which services they offer. The main results of the research will be collected in a Public Report that will be freely available through the SIM and DIA websites. The Public Report will also be presented during a DIA-sponsored event that will take place in the Fall.

For the partners of the research and the incubators and accelerators that shared their data with SIM, a more complete and in-depth version of the analysis, the Complete Report, will be made freely available. The Complete Report will also be available to the public, but in exchange for a small fee needed to support the research.

End of May you’ll be approached by the SIM research team to share your insights through a questionnaire, please cooperate so we CAN capture the breadth and depth of the Dutch start-up ecosystem in its riches and diversity. From this we can learn from each other and showcase our strength.

To know more, SIM website: https://socialinnovationmonitor.com/en/

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