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Super Innovator Taiwan brings MedTech Startups to Europe

  • 12 MedTech Startups present medical innovations @MEDICA (DE) on Nov. 12, 2018
  • The World Economic Forum (WEF) identifies Taiwan as one of four Super Innovators globally

TAIPEI, NOVEMBER 1, 2018 – 12 of the most promising startups from Taiwan will be presenting their products on Monday, November 12, at 10AM at Taiwan MedTech Networking @MEDICA event sponsored by COMDEK. With 223 companies participating in this year’s MEDICA, the major global trade fair for the medical and health sector, super innovator Taiwan brings the second largest attendance. Since November 12 marks also the start of the Global Entrepreneurship Week and so it is only fitting that 12 ambitious Taiwanese MedTech entrepreneurs will come to the stage to showcase them to the European market.

Taiwanese companies play a crucial role in global supply chains and are not only acting as OEM’s but also quality brands. While labor-intensive work have generally shifted to other countries, research & development have grown enormously. Innovation has become a leading focus both for government and businesses in Taiwan. WEF recently identified Taiwan as one of the four Super Innovators in the world, together with the USA, Germany and Switzerland. A robust infrastructure has been built up to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in education, research, incubation and internationalization. As an innovative nation, Taiwan has contributed a wealth of new products to solve challenges globally.

“As we have experienced ourselves, it is crucial to invest in R&D and innovate our products to stay competitive. Since the late nineties, we’ve been expanding globally to European and American markets. It wasn’t easy, but we kept on going since we really believed that New Technology is supporting Better Life. We’re happy to share our experience and network with the new generation of innovators from Taiwan.”  Michael Kuo, G.M. COMDEK

Through cooperation and coordination with COMDEK, a leader in oximeters, 12 innovative MedTech startups will pitch their innovative medical solutions at MEDICA in Dusseldorf. These companies are introducing products in medical imaging, diagnostics, surgical guide, biomaterials, and other unique clinical solutions. For example, Taiwan Main Orthopaedics Biotechnology offers a smart surgical glasses system, Leltek introduces an innovative high-value ultrasound subsystem and Medimaging Integration Solution innovates a digital handheld 4-in-1 imaging system. Somnics innovates an iNAP sleep therapy system for sleep apnea. iXensor has won numerous awards for its diagnostics innovation for chronic disease and women health managements with smart phones. Puriblood brings an anti-coagulation leukocyte reduction filter and Wemed offers an intra-medullary endo-transilluminating device for orthopedic nail fixation. These companies are excited to build networks at MEDICA that will help bring their products into hospitals and homes for medical improvement.

We hope that when you are at MEDICA 2018 in Dusseldorf you join us on November 12 at 10 AM to be amazed with the ‘up and coming’ innovations from Taiwan.


Event details:

12/11/2018 10:00-12:00 CET, Congress Center Düsseldorf – Taiwan MedTech Networking @MEDICA – register for your personal one-day entry ticket.

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Press Contact: Pim de Bokx, +31654.247.268,



COMDEK, from Taiwan, founded in 1985 and housing its own expert R&D team since 1994, is a global leading manufacturer of oximeters. Innovation is the spirit of COMDEK. As the only oximeter manufacturer in Taiwan, COMDEK is a key player in the global supply chain.  COMDEK’s products include full lines of portable oximeters, EKG, NIBP, EtCO2 patient monitors for diagnostic market, and Palm, Traveler Oximeter, instant-thermometer, blood pressure measurement for home-care application. COMDEK looks forward to bringing to MEDICA 2018 not only their excellent line of products but also bright young MedTech Innovators from Taiwan to wow the Global audience. More on:

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