Incubator manager gezocht voor event in Algerije

Op 16 april organiseert de Nederlandse ambassade in Algerije samen met de ESAA business school een middag voor studenten en ondernemers rond het thema ‘hoe de moeilijkheden van startups te overwinnen’ in Algiers . De ambassade doet een beroep op DIA om te helpen een incubator manager te vinden die bereid is om zijn of haar ervaring met het helpen van startups te delen met het Algerijnse publiek. Voor dit programma word samengewerkt met TEDxBinnenhof. Hieronder vind u een concept programma.

Wie is bereid onze ambassade te helpen? Het is wel zaak dat je de Franse of Arabische taal beheerst. Meer weten? Bel even met de voorzitter Pim de Bokx (06-54 247 268)


Programme du salon TEDxBINNENHOF du 16 avril 2016 à 14h à l’ESAA

14.00 -14.10



1) Opening word by ESAA Director as a host and why it matters for a business school to host such an event

2) Opening speech by Ambassador or Plv CdP : Explaining why it matters for the Embassy to organize such an event with such speakers.

14.10-14.15 Opening speech moderator
14.15 -14.30



Video messages of 2 entrepreneurs with innovative ideas presented at TEDxBinnenhof (15min) (Ideas presented on these talks should reflect a topic of local interest OR of interest to the Embassy focus themes (sustainable energy, maritime transport, agro-business and health)
14.30- 15.15



Moderator interviews 2 Algeria based entrepreneurs of firms with links to the Netherlands (Agriprom, Alwin) about what they would like to give as messages to Algerian youth interested in starting a business.  Including 10 m. Q and A with the audience.
15.15-15.45 Coffee break and music
15.45- 16.05



Moderator interviews two Algerian business startups about problems encountered in setting up their business and the importance of being accompanied as well as the support received by PUM.
16.05- 16.45



Panel discussion. Ansej, Business wise, PUM, Dutch based business incubator on the importance of accompanying business startups.  5 minutes for each to make the main points. Discussion 10 minutes. 10 m. Q and A with the audience.
16.45-17.15 Cocktail and music

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