First Dutch startup visa presented to New Zealand entrepreneur

This afternoon Secretary of State Fred Teeven presents the first Dutch startup visa to Finn Hansen from New Zealand, founder of Med Canvas.

StartupJuncture first reported on the new Dutch startup visa in December 2014. Over the following weeks, the article attracted quite a lot of attention. If visitor numbers are any indication, visa law is indeed a hot topic!

Dutch minister Henk Kamp of Economic Affairs said this about the startup visa: “With this startup visa, the Netherlands will be more attractive for foreign startups and growing businesses. This is important because these startups can contribute to a high quality, innovative and challenging investment climate in the Netherlands,”

The startup visa allows innovative startups from outside the European Union to stay in The Netherlands for one year, so they can develop the startup. Startups need to be backed by a facilitator, for example one of the established accelerators or incubators such as Rockstart, Startupbootcamp, Utrecht INC, YES!Delft, ESA BIC or ACE Venture Lab. After a maximum of one year, the ‘normal’ procedures may be followed to apply for a regular immigrant entrepreneur visa.

When asked In December, the Dutch government expected to receive dozens of applications for the startup visa within the first year. Hansen will be the first to receive a visa today. The entrepreneur is also former operational director of Rockstart, so it comes as no surprise that Med Canvas will be backed by Rockstart during the first year.


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