Startup: help Nederland op de kaart te zetten

In de laatste ranking van startup ecosystemen kwam Amsterdam voor op de 21st plaats. Maar dit jaar willen we het Nederlandse ecosysteem in de top 10 krijgen, help je mee?

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The global startup ecosystem report is an initiative by Compass (formerly Startup Genome) and partners to rank startup ecosystems. The goal is to make the strengths and weaknesses of all ecosystems visible. The benefits for startups are twofold: in the short term it will help them make an informed decision whether to move their startup. In the long term, it should encourage countries to improve the entrepreneurial climate. You can start the survey here.

For Dutch startups it is important to have the Netherlands ranked highly, since it can help improve the funding situation in The Netherlands. Dutch startups themselves often indicated that while The Netherlands has good quality of life, access to market and access to talent, getting funded can be hard (there were many deals last year, but many smaller deals and few large VC deals from Dutch investors). A higher ranking can help attract the attention of international VCs. For this reason, we would like to ask all startups in The Netherlands to provide their input and make sure The Netherlands gets noticed.

Previous outcomes

As you can see in the attached table from the 2012 report, Silicon Vally was rated number one on all aspects:funding, company performance, talent, support, mindset and trendsetting. Runners up were Tel Aviv, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York. Highest rated European cities were London, Paris Berlin. It seems the previous report was biased towards the US and hopefully this time more European startups will provide input.


For The Netherlands, the survey comes at an interesting time. On the one hand the Dutch startup system has definitely grown: there are probably more than 1300 startups (more than half are listed in DutchStartupDatabase), more meetups, events and also more support from mainstream media. On the other hand, the same is probably true for all other startup ecosystems. Hopefully the StartupDelta initiative can help to position the Netherlands better: instead of just counting the Amsterdam activities and facilities, we should call StartupDelta an ecosystem. After all: travel times between Dutch cities are often shorter than travel times within London or Paris.

The survey can be started here and takes less than 10 minutes. It can be filled in by startups, investors and other stakeholders, and contains for instance questions on number of pitches and deal sizes, making it possible for Compass to compare cities based on actual numbers.

Image credit: J Kleeman

bron: StartupJuncture

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