About DIA

Goals & Objectives

The Dutch Incubation Association (DIA) has been established in 2004 as a professional network to provide the Dutch incubators and accelerators with a common platform on behalf of professionalization and positioning on a national, European, and international level. The goals of this association are:

  1. Professionalization of the incubation and acceleration profession, and;
  2. Reinforcement of the incubator infrastructure and relations (synergy) on both national, European and world level.
  3. Optimizing the information about incubation towards start-ups.

To meet these goals, it is important to use an accurate definition on the term ‘incubator’.
The working definition of the term ‘incubator’ used in this regard is:

An incubator is an organisation that helps (incubates/accelerates) start-ups develop in an accelerated fashion by providing them with a bundle of services, such as physical space, capital, culture, coaching, common services, and networking connections. [Hansen et al. 2000]

DIA is connected to the international incubation community through EBN, iNBIA and UBI-global and does what is in her power to contribute to the development of a professional industry.

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