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startup-scaleup accelerator

Startup Scaleup is a 6 month accelerator program, enabling accepted startups to receive mentorship and support from the brightest IOT people in the World (to name few – Vinton G. Cerf, one of the “Fathers of the Internet” and vice president of Google and David Cuartielles – Founder of Adruino). Startup Scaleup is a no-strings […]

Incubators, pak ze wat harder aan

Door: Marijn van Weele Als ik van mijn onderzoek naar start-ups en incubators één ding heb geleerd, dan is het wel dat de term ‘incubator’ volledig misplaatst is. Incubator betekent letterlijk couveuse. En zo wordt een incubator vaak gezien: als een beschermde omgeving waarin jonge bedrijven kunnen aansterken, totdat ze groot genoeg zijn om de […]


The World Startup Factory (WSF) Investor Lounge brings the startups participating in the WSF Connectivity Accelerator face to face with their potential investors. The WSF Investor Lounge is the tipping point for the startups to get the essential capital and the right investor(s) onboard. The event is co-hosted by ABN AMRO and InnovationQuarter. The event has […]

DIA-meetup during Innovative Enterprise conference turns into a fierce debate

Last Friday – 1 April 2016 – DIA organised the discussion ‘Direct vs. Indirect funding of start-ups and scale-ups in Europe’ as part of the Innovative Enterprise conference in The Hague – a European Commission initiative. Our challenge was to initiate a debate on what the winning strategy for incubators and other start-up programs would […]

Swiss Banks UBS and Credit Suisse Launch Fintech Accelerator

Credit Suisse and UBS, the two largest banks in Switzerland, are joining forces to launch a new financial technology accelerator. The financial giants are partnering with other small firms in Europe such as Swisscom, Ernst & Young, Swiss Life to create an accelerator that focuses on internationalism and younger startups in their infancy. The first phase […]


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