Opening Mercator Launch op campus Heyendaal Nijmegen

Mercator Launch pre-incubator Nijmegen NL

Kick-off Mercator Launch op woensdag 16 mei Eindelijk een plek voor beginnende ondernemers op campus Heyendaal in Nijmegen Woensdag 16 mei opent Mercator Launch haar deuren op de campus Heyendaal in Nijmegen, verzamelnaam voor het terrein waar Radboud Universiteit, Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen en Radboudumc zich bevinden.  De launch is een fysieke plek om […]

Your Justice Innovation will change the world!

Hiil Justice accelerator - call for applications 2018

The Innovating Justice Challenge organized by HiiL Justice Accelerator will close on May 31st! Be quick to apply and succeed in improving the lives of millions of people through your innovation in the legal field. Each year, hundreds of justice innovators from around the globe apply to the Innovating Justice Challenge to find support for […]

Get priority access to Taiwan’s thriving tech start-up ecosystem

2018 Global Startup Talents@Taipei Program

>> Deadline 30 April 2018 << Taipei City government is hosting the 15-days ” 2018 Global Startup Talents@Taipei Program” for international start-ups to create business opportunities and grow business in Taipei in Taiwan from June 4th till 18th, 2018. The program offers: ● Flight tickets and accommodation for 1 person ● Top-notch co-working Space ● […]

Startmeup HongKong verleidt Nederlandse start-ups

“Wil je op de beste plek in Azië zijn om een zaak op te starten, dan zit je goed in Hong Kong. Je vindt er state-of-the-art platformen voor je bedrijf en de perfecte startup vibes om te netwerken met dynamische ondernemers.” Dat is de boodschap die Jayne Chan, Hoofd van Startmeup Hong Kong ( meegaf […]

How you can Win the € 3.500 Taiwan Explorer Award 2017

If you’re an entrepreneur or manager of a company in the Netherlands seeking to innovate and/or expand internationally, this is a great opportunity for you! Participate at Taiwan Business Day 2017 – TBD17: 14/09/2017 in Utrecht – where you leave your business card in the ‘lucky draw box’ and at the end of TBD17 event, you’ll […]


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