Manifest van Delft: Corporates say ‘Yes!’ to start-ups

Large companies also want to invest in innovation in the coming ten years. This became clear during an intensive session with the top of managerial people in the Netherlands and several YES!Delft entrepreneurs. The result? The Manifest van Delft: a list with five joint ambitions which were handed Special Envoy for StartupDelta, Neelie Kroes, just […]

Corporates need startups to survive

Ambidexterity is defined as the ability to use both your left and right hand. You all know how difficult it is to use your ‘other’ hand, let alone to simultaneously and independently operate them. Piano players, basketball players and knitting grandmoms train for thousands of hours to get to ambidexterity. It is said that only […]

BlueBee poised with €1.75 million fresh investment

Delft Genomics startup BlueBee has raised €1.75 million from a group of investors led by the Belgian VC firm Buysse & Partners. Delft University of Technology participates in this round with a €250.000 investment, the Dutch newspaper FD reports.  BlueBee has developed a cloud-based genomics platform that enables medical care centers and research institutes to […]

WHEEL – de nieuwe Circle Economy Accelerator

We believe entrepreneurs can change the future! That is why we launched WHEEL a unique accelerator for circular startups. WHEEL is a joint initiative of Circle Economy and Outside Inc. aimed at growing start-ups that embrace the circular economy and helping them achieve their full disruptive potential. With WHEEL we will establish a vibrant and powerful […]

Incubator-E krijgt nieuwe directeur

Elbert-Jan Achterberg richt zich vanaf 1 mei volledig op zijn eigen onderneming en heeft daarom het stokje overgedragen aan Dr Gosse Boxhoorn. Vanaf deze periode is Dr Gosse Boxhoorn onze nieuwe directeur. Elbert-Jan Achterberg zal als adviseur verbonden blijven aan Incubator-E. Dr Gosse Boxhoorn is chemicus en heeft  20 jaar bij Shell gewerkt in verschillende management functies. Hij heeft ervaring in research en […]


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